Donation Program. Tail-Waggers  Project Giving back is very important for us,  that is why the Tail-Waggers PROJECT  was founded.  PETS, children and seniors are a priority for Tail-Waggers team. Wether you are a  client, fan, family or friend; there are many ways you can help.

Our clients  are  a SPONSOR!

This donation program supports not just local rescue groups but also many local non profit organizations helping our community. This program also covers all the expenses regarding volunteer activities with local rescue groups like Boxer Rescue Ontario and volunteer assignments through Mighty Mutts Dog Training.

Where does the money come from?

With the idea that Tail-Waggers clients are a sponsor, once a month we either make a DONATION and/or cover the expenses for volunteer activities on their behalf using the money from the dog walking and pet sitting services. I am thrilled to share with you today the projects for the first eight months of 2014. THANK YOU for being a part of it!