Lasting Impressions!

“Tail Waggers = Peace of Mind
In recent months, as I have been building my new business, I have had days of extreme guilt and stress… What if things took longer at a client than anticipated, traffic, just one more errand? Etc etc… I was wracked with guilt and worry, that the dogs have been left alone too long, and were probably anxious to go out… Then, I found Tail-Waggers.
Whenever I look forward on my calendar and see action-packed days full of appointments, I simply email Tail-Waggers and tada – I know my boys will be happy, relieved, exercised, and loved. When I see I’ve booked frequent dog walks, I realize my business is growing and doing well! (Side benefit – my youngest no longer chews destructively! He is mentally and physically exercised, and is no longer getting into trouble. Who would have thought!?) I love to need Tail-Waggers.”

-Lori, Buddy & Ditto

“I moved to Aurora 5 months ago but still work an hour and 10 away so help with my furry little boy was essential. I have used dog walkers in the past and have had so-so luck. So I was pleasantly surprised when calling Tail-Waggers that both came to my house to meet “Andy” and myself and to get to know us.
Vince and Evelyn are a god send for any pet owner that has hesitations regarding the treatment of their pet while in others care. You can tell right from the start that they both love animals and not just a business that they are very good at – but is – I would recommend them to anyone. They are the best!!!”

-Ginny & Andy

“Riley is definitely more playful around home and wants to go out and play in the back yard much more than she used to.”

-Courtney K & Riley

“We love Tail-Waggers! Ryder gets sooo excited when his walker comes, especially if Marlie joins the walk!
Service is reliable, friendly and professional. Would recommend them to anyone looking for exercise and care for their pet!”

-Janet & Ryder

“Tail-Waggers has given us such peace of mind. Aly is our first dog and immediately stole our hearts. I know she is being treated with care and respect when Kris or Evelyn comes to take her for a walk. I’ve been home to witness how excited and comfortable Aly is when Tail-Waggers arrive. They are completely reliable, quick to reply to any questions and payment is SO easy! Oh yeah and we LOVE the daily report left on or counter for us when we return home. We LOVE Tail-Waggers!”

-Stephania & Aly

“We are beyond pleased with the great services at Tail-Waggers! Xena and Zorro absolutely loved their walks and great company while we were away, and we loved receiving e-mail updates and catching up with pictures of our babies on Facebook! A Very professional, friendly, and knowledgeable team!”

-Andreea, Zorro & Xena