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Lincoln Bark review. powering your pup with chia plus giveaway in Canada - Tail-Waggers

If you are new to this blog, let me tell you I am a doggie mama that is all about giving my boxers the best healthy and natural products. I am also a go-go mama about including superfoods in my boxers daily meals, like coconut oil and chia. When I came across Lincoln Bark, dog treats with chia, it immediately got my attention. First, because I grew up eating chia in many comfort meals mom used to cook, but also because It is something I give my boys as well. So, I got in touch with them on Twitter, and I was happy to receive such great information. Check it out!



Chia is an ancient seed and it is considered a superfood. Chia seed has more than three times the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as salmon. Chia, or Salvia Hispanica, is known today as the forgotten crop. Domesticated in 2.600 BC, chia is a flowering plant native to southern Mexico and Central America. It was cultivated by the Mayans and Aztecs and one of the main foods of their diet and was even used as trade currency. Aztec warriors and runners are said to have sustained themselves on just a tablespoon of chia seeds a day, providing them with abundant energy and endurance.

The chia plant’s ability to increase stamina and energy over long periods, chia seeds were considered quite magical. Due to its superior nutritional value, chia became a holy seed among these ancient civilizations, used in religious ceremonies and offered to their gods.

There are two varieties, white chia, and black chia. Each seed is potent enough to prevent infections, with 19-23% protein, which is gluten-free, 34% oil and 25% fiber. Chia seeds offer an excellent source of B vitamins and they are loaded with important Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids and antioxidants.


Lincoln Bark Dog Treats Review. Milo balancing the Treat Smart.

Lincoln Bark Dog Treats Review. Milo balancing the Treat Smart.



Lincoln Bark dog treat line was inspired by owners dog’s Sophie. She was diagnosed with Addison’s disease at only two year’s old. Due to this illness, Sophie needed a boost in food intake, after a long research chia seeds provided what Sophie needed.  This is why Lincoln Bard dog treat line is powered with chia superfood. Their line includes Sweet Little Butterpup, Treat Smart and Nibbles.All products are made in the USA by Lincoln Bark, LLC. They are currently available via online in Canada, but we know they are looking to have their products in local stores in Canada.

SWEET LITTLE BUTTERPUP:  includes 6 natural ingredients that you can actually read and recognize: Rice flour, soy free peanut butter, rolled oats, salmon (pumpkin or chicken for the flavors),  organic chia seed and honey.

NIBBLES “raw” Dog Treats:   these are freeze-dried food meat, some kind of gourmet pet treats. They are made of four ingredients: green beef tripe, salmon, duck and organic chia seed. There are no artificial colors, preservatives, GMOs, gluten or grain and it is USDA approved.

TREAT SMART “raw” Dog Treats: these are soft, human-grade bites powered with chia organic seeds.  It contains 8 ingredients, oats, lecithin, rice bran, rice flour, roasted peanut, or chicken liver, or salmon to duck (depending on the flavor), organic chia seed, flaxseed and cod liver oil.


  • Promotes cardiovascular health
  • Assist joint function & mobility
  • Improves digestion and natural detoxification
  • Supports healthy weight loss
  • Antioxidants in chia seeds and oil help prevent cancer
  • Alpha-Linolenic Acid 9ALA) reduces fatal cardiac episodes
  • Helps with Immune system, skin and coat
  • Eye development and maintenance
Lincoln Bark Dog Treats Review. Chico ready to try out the Sweet Little Butterpup from Lincoln Bark

Lincoln Bark Dog Treats Review. Chico ready to try out the Sweet Little Butterpup from Lincoln Bark


  • It is the first dog treat product we know of with  a superfood as one the main ingredients
  • We recognize each ingredient. Yay!
  • The product smelled and looked fresh
  • Their dog treat line offers a mix of dry and raw treats.
  • It is wheat, corn and soy free. This is a plus, for doggies with allergies.
  • The packaging, logo, and dog treat names. Adorable!

I was so happy my boys were able to try out Lincoln Bark products. They liked them all, but I think the favorite was the Nibble line.  I am certainly thrilled about being able to provide the power of chia seeds to my dogs through treats. It is just convenience and if for whatever reason I can’t add it to their meals, I still know they will get their intake via treats.

To learn more about these products visit their website,  or connect with Lincoln Bark Facebook Page and Lincoln Bark on Twitter.

 WIN a LINCOLN BARK TREAT SMART dog treat bag. Enter our contest below! GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!


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11 Dec 2014
By Evelyn
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About the Author: Evelyn

Currently owned by two bouncy boxers. Passionate about dogs, social media, weddings, blogging, digital marketing, twitter parties and hot yoga. Find her at where she helps businesses with their online needs.


  1. Joy January 6, 2015 at 9:12 AM - Reply

    Hi! We have two dogs: Maddie and Patches – they are five and four years respectively. They are great companions for our family and such fun to have around. They deserve a treat for being so loyal, loving and fun!

  2. KellyPC January 6, 2015 at 4:54 PM - Reply

    Hi name is Jake & he loves treaties!

  3. maria January 7, 2015 at 12:24 AM - Reply

    We have 2 puppies, Buckley and Bailey and they are a great part of the family and i love to spoil them!

  4. lInda January 7, 2015 at 7:19 PM - Reply

    I have 3 members of the fuzzy crew Max, Benji & Bailey. They will do anything for treats like sit, shake a paw & me I love you. So mom would like to pay them for their efforts with something new & tasty…:)

  5. Jan Roberts January 13, 2015 at 9:27 PM - Reply

    My Pug JellyFish would sell her tiny soul for these treats!

  6. ann January 16, 2015 at 9:28 AM - Reply

    My dog’s name is Sookie and she loves treats, and healthy ones that help with her coat would be the best treats.

  7. bc davison January 18, 2015 at 12:06 AM - Reply

    We got Ruby from the local animal shelter 11 years ago. SHe has been the most wonderful dog and deservesto be treated!

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