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BowzerBox November Product Review

BowzerBox arrived and this month it was “MAN”vember – A month dedicated to celebrate all manly things. I’m  completely SATISFIED with this month’s box, the value of the box really exceed my expectations.  My boxers  Mylo and Chico receive every month two different boxes, and after reviewing both brands for over 5 months now, I have to admit not once Bowzer Box let us down. I cannot say the same about the other box subscription for dogs, which at least two times the estimated value and products weren’t good.


Bowzer Box is the first Canadian company offering subscription box services delivering to your door a box of doggy goodies every month. They also donate 10% of their profits to animals less fortunate.

Once you are subscribed, just after the 15th of each month, you’ll receive an email from Canada Post letting you know your Bowzer Box is on its way and the approximately delivery date. The box is delivered to your door and each month the box is put together based on a “theme” and includes a flyer with information of each item inside the BowzerBox.

November theme was “MAN”member, to celebrate all manly things. This month’s box came with a cute bowtie! It was adorable and so much fun!



Head of the Heard { Pet scary to eliminate “wet dog” smell} $4.99

Holobal Football {Petproject Dog toy. This is 100% natural rubber football hollow ball} $16.99

Fingerlings Kitchen Bites {By Merrick. These are dog biscuits with the taste of hickory smoked wings} $9.99

Indigo Smokedhouse Strips {By Pet Safe. These are natural meaty snacks, an alternative to jerky treats} $3.49

Toreros Super Greens {By Toreros. This natural Bullystick are stiffed with kale, parsley and spinach. All supper foods for dogs. $4.99

Bowzers Own Bowtie {This was an exclusive bowtie for ‘Mo”vember. Totally unixes and cute accessory to support “Mo”member cause} $9.00

Hero Treat Bag {25% off coupon}



I had many people saying the din’t like the delivery charge, specially if you look at other companies out there offering free shipping or merely adding the cost within the box fee. You’ll notice BowzerBox comes cheeper or at almost the same fee others companies charge if you consider exchange rate. Also, don’t forget the budget friendly shipping fee goes towards facilitating the email delivery notification you’ll receive to let you know when the product will be delivered. Perfect to arrange pick ups when you know you’ll be out of town or just too busy.

This month’s value was approximately  $49.45 before taxes. A six months subscription cost $23 per month  plus $4.50/month flat delivery rate {$27.50}.   Even if you are to subscribe for only one month to try it out at $29, you’ll see the value. I would say you are saving anywhere from $10-$20. I hardly suggest you sign up for a 3 or 6 months subscription. Christmas is just around the corner!Slide background


Every month is a different theme and each item is picked in accordance to it
Email delivery notification
The high quality products and healthy treats
This month’s they donated $1 to Smiling Blue Skies Cancer Fund for every box sold. KUDOS!!
Easy sing up and delivery to Canada
No contracts, you can sign up for 1, 3 or 6 months and cancel anytime
The branding!!! I am not sure how many noticed but there was a cute “stache” print on the front of the box and the gift paper inside the box. Both were adorable!!

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– Small, medium and large dogs looking for high quality toys and healthy products
– People looking for gifts for dog lovers as you can send a box as a gift
– Dog owners looking to get value for their money
– People that likes to support rescue groups as BowzerBox donates 10% of their profits to rescue groups and boxes to charity events

Milo the boxer styling his bowtie from Bowzer Box | Product Review November 2014

Milo the boxer styling his bowtie from Bowzer Box | Product Review November 2014


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BowzerBox is available to Canadian dogs. You can sign up for a 6 months subscription at only $27.50/month including delivery fee, or you can try out one month subscription at $33.50/month including delivery fee.

To learn more about BowzerBox and get your dog to join the BowzerBox Dog Pack go HERE.

An EXCLUSIVE for our readers. Use PROMO CODE #TW10 to receive $10 OFF your first BowzerBox subscription or gift!


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30 Nov 2014
By Evelyn
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