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Mylo and Chico the boxers enjoying a meaty raw bone as part of their diet.

by Evelyn Avila 

Not sure how to switch your dog from Kibble to Raw Diet?

Keep reading. This is what I learnt a few years ago when I switched Mylo to the goodness of a raw diet.

The first thing to know is there are usually 2 barriers when transitioning your dog to a raw diet. The first is a possible gastrointestinal/digestive upset, secondly, could be your dog’s willingness to accept the change in diet. The best and quickest transition for young healthy adult dogs and puppies is to make a complete switch from kibble to raw food.

Second, limit the variety of food you offer your dog and feed exclusively 1 protein for at least 3-5 days. Most dogs transition to the raw diet within 48 hrs. Feed only a Prepared meals for the first 2-3 days before offering Whole food choices. Beef Offals, fish and tripe are best introduced once your dog has made a complete transition to the raw, usually within 1 week.

Last but not least

Do NOT mix raw and dry food kibble together. Raw food is passed through the digestive system at a much quicker rate than dry food. If you do want to continue feeding kibble with raw food, feed them separately (raw-am, kibble-pm). Slow/Gradual Transition Occasionally we have dogs that do not transition as easily or as quickly to a raw food diet. This is more common in senior dogs or picky eaters.


Is your dog in a RAW DIET? What are your experiences? Comment below! 🙂





27 May 2015
By Evelyn
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Currently owned by two bouncy boxers. Passionate about dogs, social media, weddings, blogging, digital marketing, twitter parties and hot yoga. Find her at where she helps businesses with their online needs.

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