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422303_399899573425693_1963646018_nEarly this year my oldest dog Mylo welcomed home his  little brother Chico which means “small” in Spanish). Since day one he has been on a raw diet. Chico is now 3.5 months and I can tell you that he is the healthiest puppy ever!

At his age Mylo had already went through kennel cough, parasites and the flue. While we spent close to $1000 on Mylo’s first 4 months of his life in vet bills, we had only spent so far, the normal fees for vaccines and tests for Chico. This is about $300 dollars. And yes I certainly believe it is because the food we are feeing him. R.A.W.

Many people asked me how can I feed raw to my dogs. Hey man! If you do your homework you’ll see the many benefits. That is priceless.  The following are concerns I also had when I was learning about raw diet for dogs and these are the answers I found.

Just meat?
I know! I felt like that was just wrong! Your dog can certainly  have some vegetables  added to his diet. In fact it is recommended but only about 10%.  Carrots are fun to crunch, and broccoli, spinach, and celery can be ground up and added to a mixture of ground meat. Supplementing with fish oil is also recommended for a shiny, healthy coat. I dare you, take a look at his stool and you will notice mainly veggies.

What about food-borne bacteria? Isn’t raw meat dangerous?
Dogs’ stomachs are equipped to handle bacteria in much the same fashion, so don’t worry about contamination. Still, humans are vulnerable, so wash up! YES…your hands, the bowls and the prep area. Hot water and soup will do!

How much should I feed?

Everything varies from dog to dog, the exercise level, age and health conditions. If you can’t feel its ribs, reduce the food. If its ribs are a little too prominent, feed more. Take a look at this chart by clicking HERE to learn more about how much to feed.

Don’t dogs choke on bones?
Not on raw ones. Cooked bones splinter, and they can get lodged in a dog’s throat. Raw bones are pliable, and the calcium content is absolutely integral to a dog’s health. Plus, chewing bones keeps the teeth clean.

What if my dog is constipated?
Actually the straining is not bad for your dog. But if it absolutely refuses to come out, a little raw canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling) will do the trick. Raw pumpkin also firms loose stools.

THE LESSON LEARNED: Have Fun with it! It is incredibly to watch the transformation. As a dog lover it is a truly joy to behold.  Do you research! | YOUR PET CARE STOP!

15 Mar 2013
By Evelyn
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