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Cruelty Free Living Apps

Free cruelty living decisions made easy with apps.

Apps are a  self-contained program or piece of software designed to fulfill a particular purpose that you can download to a mobile device. If when shopping you wonder whether  “those” products on the shelves fit the standards of a pet friendly living, hold on the worry! Simple pull out your phone and scan a product  to find out if they are tested on animals or not. Some apps are free while other can be purchased for a small amount.



CRUELTY FREE by Symbiotic Software LLC

Published by the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics’ (CCIC) Leaping Bunny Program, this shopping guide lists over 200 USA and Canadian companies that do not test ingredients, formulations, or finished products on animals. This app is free. The cons, it sometimes freezes or do not recognize brands that other apps do.


This app is free and their products list is official and accredited. It is browsing friendly and seems to be accurate information. The cons is it only shows Australia-centric.

CRUELTY-CUTTER by The Beagle Freedom Project

The Beagle Freedom Project  rescue beagles used in animal experimentation in research laboratories and give them a chance at life in a loving forever home. This app provides  immediate response about the animal-testing status of a product. You can share the results with friends on social media. The app cost $2.99  and that money goes to benefit the BFP. You can download it for iPhone and Android. One of the features I love is the  “Bite Back” by posting to social media sites of #CruelCompanies. By taking action win “Doggie Dollars” and redeem them for deals on cruelty-free products. You can also build a cruelty-free community and stay up-to-date with animal welfare issues, including ways you can help. I must say this app is m y favourite.


Have you used any of these apps? Have you used any other? Join the conversation on Twitter at @TailWaggersdiva!  #Woof



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6 Feb 2015
By Evelyn
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Currently owned by two bouncy boxers. Passionate about dogs, social media, weddings, blogging, digital marketing, twitter parties and hot yoga. Find her at where she helps businesses with their online needs.

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